So I'm down at PalmSource, in Santa Clara. 3000 nerds, including me. How do I know they are nerds? Allow me to explain.

Strange dancers demonstrating "communication" as shadows with Palm Pilots in their hands, while we all wear 3-d glasses. pluheese.

Claudia Shaeffe is brought on stage. 2.2 thousand male nerds roar! .8 thousand women roll their eyes. Why do the roar? where else do they get to do this? The innuendos fly. "oh, I wish I could speak german", quips Palms CFO. On the other hand, Ole' claudia talks about mysoftware, which >i< wrote, so that'll give me some cred with the nerds. heh heh.

I am 4 people. I have my own badge, my CEO's badge, and a couple of others. a couple of folk from my office were down here recruiting, so I lent out my badge and got to see myself as a cute 5'2 receptionist. I decided to go for the CEO style, but as of yet, noone has invited me to private parties or given me any useful hardware.

The interesting thing was utterly incongruous. So used to keynotes being Rah Rah affairs, Who should wander on stage but a stanford professor who is head of some technology and culture school. He proceeded to rant on and on about thinking outside of the box. I am tempted to say that he said "subverse the dominate paradigm", but that would just be a flashback to Evergreen, I think.

more today. Microsoft is apparantly trying to lure palmites away with loads of food and booze. They really don't know what they are up against. For all it's problems, Palm and it's developers are a force to be reckoned with.

Foreign correspondent moa, out.