Another two days in vile Silicon Valley. It's like some form of horrible joke.. Everybody, and I do mean damn near everybody rushing around with cell-phones on their ears. merging at like 75 mph, looking straight ahead, cars all kinda dirty from the perpetual smog.

IPO, Market Share, Market Elasticity, Penetration, Deployment, Scope, Going Gold, Aquisition, Media Campaign, "Steve" (as in Jobs), "Larry" (as in Elison), "Jeff" (as in Hawkins).

Ok, so I love it too, but only for a little tiny bit of my time. I'd waste away like a piece of wet green moss drying out in the sun, if I was forced to get freaky in the Valley. Front page news in the Los Gatos Journal "new Head Librarian cancels move to Bay Area, cites impossible cost of rent". Front page news in the San Jose Mercury News "Average cost of 2 bedroom in SF is $1923 a month".

Come on! People! you are all fucking greedy and insane (and by and large geeks, which hurts all the more, what happened to social responsible geeks?)

But there we sat, in our shiny Los Gatos office, with the little Buddha out back as some form of strange hopeful reminder of other places. All I want to do is go swimming. But Instead it is one conference call after another, surrounded by portable gadgets and wall to wall whiteboards (which admitidly is pretty sweet).

On the flight back up, I got to see all the mountains from Shasta to Rainier. Beautiful. Then we looped around Seattle on landing, and once again I am soo happy to be in this weird hi-tech wetish place. But I sure wish they had a Fry's up here.

Listened to today:
the 6ths
Throwing Muses
Rush(the band)