Monday happened very quickly today. I, like some others who shall remain nameless, spent this past weekend in the beautiful city of Vancouver BC. I went there with many motives, but the primary was to explore, to enjoy, and by God to be in another country again. I love America, It is everything and nothing, but Canada is refreshing, and considerably less arrogant.. If BC only had a better High Tech industry, and if the Canadian dollar was worth more than about 65 cents of the yank dollar, I'd be there a lot more often. But they don't, and it isn't, and they even call it a Uni (I think) as they don't really like even thinking about such small sums of money as dollars which aren't even worth a dollar. Of course the NZ dollar is even less than that, but heck, NZ is 1/20th the size of Canada. Get your economy together folks! I'm counting on you!

So anyway, I had a lovely time with a fellow noder, strolled and people watched and even got in a little programming. Great weekend. Only problem is, I am now spoiled for the rest of the week. I have this deep simmering disgust of work today. One that I merely accepted last week as due course, now bores me. I will do anything to avoid sitting here, but I can't, I haven't any time, so I am just sort of sitting here, programming, loading my rio, not getting anything done. Ya see, I have to go back to the armpit of the universe again, Silicon Valley. Where individuality goes to die. At 5 am tomorrow.

But hey, it's frequent flier miles, and this time I get to stay in Santa Cruz, which I am told is the happenin' nerd town, I will duely report when I return.