Sometimes when you want insomnia, you can't get it. I need it now, I need to be grindly awake, programming, programming programming. But despite moas Patented "stay awake" formula, consisting of the following:

... I stilll get sleepy. grr.. I need to get out more. after 4 days of camping/climbing I think I have reverted to some kind of proto-hippy. I need loud music and smoky bars. then the sheer guilt alone will propel me to work.

So my new office is almost done. Complete with Herman Miller Aeron chairs, blood red walls and so forth. Very weird. Out of frustration a couple of months ago, I left all the decisions of the decor of the new office to a unbalanced geek associate, and what do we wind up with? something resembling a artists conception of a futuristic hair salon. Strange orange lighting racks made out of metal. dark weird carpet. Blood Red Walls.

Amusing, yes. All I currently have in there is a chair, and we have to use AirPort for connectivity as we just dropped the T-3 in yesterday. But it is coming along. I can sit in my office and stare across the street at Seatttles busiest Crack Park. I am going to set up Crack cam.

So despite all this happening, I've been sitting around feeling annoyed at myself. I have what I want: Isolation, a project, $, a certain amount of excitment.. But I am slowly hungering for that excitment to have more staying power, less flash and burn. Everything, everything seems to come in these huge chaotic waves, and it's driving me crazy.