So, my birthday! yep. and I am older than most of you :-)

2 days ago I picked my friend Cia up from the airport and departed for the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, specificallly the Enchantment Lakes. This is an area between I-90 and Highway 2 in the central Cascades of Washington. Extremely scenic, and rugged, it is known for the hundreds of lakes and tarns above 5000 feet.

We had a good time, catching up on our various travels. We went out years ago, but now communicate by letter and share stories of the adventures we go on. Me in Vietnam, England and NZ.. Her in Bulgaria, Greece and Crete. We compare intermediate lovers and friends, pets and food. all in all a very scholarly relationship.

She writes well, but can't spend more than 30 minutes at a computer, so E2 is out. I may dictate some of it in for posterity. Now it is 2 am and I have been in the 3rd decade of my life for a whole day. my upstairs neighbors (see Bastards) are making noise again. I plot seething revenge, and node quietly.