Just got back from more informational downloads with the cuz, the Vancouver BC girl cop. She's hilarious. She was relating the story about how she jokes with the folk she picks up, allegedly putting them at ease. "you've got a nice ass" she will say. Then slowly it dawns on them... Between her and her partner, evidently they get the perps so calm that they are wishing each other a good night as they are escorted into the slammer. She just got her belly button pierced, likes boys, and likes beer. She needs a date, and she'd protect your sorry ass, geek. (and she's blonde, from NZ, and cute!)

she also has a microbiology degree. My cousins are mostly eccentric. One of them is a Nun, another is a self professed "healing prophet", a couple of basic christians, a hippy, the rest are geeks, bless them.