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[e-fucking-gads]. It sounds like some sort of [Dungeons and Dragons] beast. [Womyn], now that's a word that goes weird if you stare at it too long.

Hrmm, perhaps a womyn is something like a "[faggit]" or a "[Strait]", some sort of [8 legged woman], or a woman with a [tail] perhaps. If only we could catch one alive we could sell it for [millions], we'd be rich!

As I cruise more here (this is a work in progress) I see that [wimmin], [womyn], [wymyn] are actually only "[women]" who cannot spell, hate vowels or hate men.

"[Militant feminism]" (direct quote), what an [interesting concept]. Let's be what we hate [men] for being.

And what is the deal with this whole "[Riot Grrl]" thing? Is this one person? In the last 15 minutes I have seen the words "riot" and "grrl" next to each other about 30 times on 20 different web sites referring to what seems to be [different] people. Is this some sort of [young, militant, feminist, borg, hive mind movement]?

Gryytyngs, I am RiotGrrl-xjz56-g, prepare to lysten to Any Dyfrynco.

All I can infer from all of this is that the vowels in all of these words keep [disappearing] to [who knows where], and the text on the pages keeps [getting] bigger with more [punctuation]. So apparently the more [militant] you become the less you like the letters o and e; why I cannot even begin to [guess].

At any rate, I can see a need to make a [niche] for your self, but some of this is just [silly].

Some of my favorite quotes by [wymnynmimyn] [females] on these sorts of pages include:

ELLBOGEN'S* GRRL PAGE (Womyn, women, and other species also welcome.)

Oh, the term [Fe-Mail], that's [cute].

[XX] marks the spot!

Anyway, you get the idea. I am all for [equal rights], don't get me wrong, but the one example people keep giving is this "men get [paid] more than [women]" thing. That I am going to need to read more into. There was something like 2 women [graduating] from [college] for every man this year. If women are still getting [shafted] perhaps they should ask for a [raise]? If I wasn't happy with what I made that is what I would do, or work [elsewhere]. Then there is "[men beat women]", go look at [], women beat men [too]. Not comparably so, but they do, which is something no one talks about. How about women who completely and utterly [mindfuck] men? Never talk about that.

So we have [myn] and [womyn] fighting and [oppressing] each other and [beating] each other and getting paid more than each other. Are we [projecting] here? I mean really, if you want better [myn], then perhaps the [wymyn] ought to raise them better. It's a fact that children are raised more by their mothers than their fathers. Women play more of an active roll in parenting rather than equal parenting which is unfortunate (sometimes due to deadbeat men, I am aware). Take advantage of it if you are so pissed and "[genderfucked]". [I was raised by a single mother], she taught me to open doors (which I get yelled at for) and to pull out chairs (which I get glares for) and to not judge people by [sex] or [appearance].

What happens the day that everything IS [equal]. Will they [notice]? No more benefit concerts and misspelling their name. I swear, without this huge menacing [oppression], what will hold them together?

I am just failing to see what all this is about. The myn and I will be over here not understanding. [RIOT BOIZ]! [WOOO]! [MYN POWYR@!] That would get me [shot at]. [God forbid].

I don't know, you tell me, [bad idea], [good idea]; lets use a phrase made popular by the [KKK] and swap out [white].

Is it "[HIEL WYMNMN]!" next or what? :P

[Creepy shit].