If you took the time to go ahead and hop on over to men, you'd see that you are hardly the only gender being targeted by idiotic stereotypes. The saddest thing about the ones in male nodes is that generally, they are written by men. You do the math; I shouldn't have to explain why that is tragic.

I also think that using the word "cunt" in that take-the-power-back-and-reclaim-the-words-that-the-man-uses-to-oppress-us sort of way only serves to alienate would-be supporters of such sentiments. Not to mention that, besides their lovely genitalia, all women also have a mind, which one would think women seeking equality would be a tad more eager to point out (apparently not). Unfortunately, the human mind doesn't have an edgy slang word associated with it yet and thus, it holds little value while dishing out shocking diatribes about the ol' "gash that will never heal".

I would also like to point out how blatantly ignorant it is to assume that only men guilty of abuse and sexism are eager to clear their names while the innocent can content themselves with getting laid a lot and knowing that they are neat fellows, whore.

(Please note that I only call you a whore because I know that, if you are not in fact a whore, being called one shouldn't bother you in the slightest.)

I trust that I have made my point.

. . .

You had a point? I thought that you were going about being generalized due to your genital orientation, while in the same breath lamenting about the burden of having to give explainations while doing it yourself.