Almost more annoying than the blatherings of the militant Christian church(s), are the blatherings of the wiccan new wave weirdos. I sit here, reading some local news paper published to entice baby boomers into life au natural.

Some of the highly enlightening articles include:
I refuse to even repeat what a "Crystal Earth Pod" is, but I did not make that up.
It is true, this all could be real! Majyik (or however the Earth Mother and her band of angered house wives spell it) and power crystals, Feng Hu Chi Hai crochet healing circles and Zen Affirmation Clocks, tarrot cards and Spiritual Empowerment Animals from Planet Zulu could all be the real deal!

But they are based in scientific proof about as much as belief in Xemu, Jesus and Jerry Springer. These are the same people that write huge essays on the impracticality of Christianity and spend weeks if not years scornfully tearing down Christianity as a religious possibility, and then hand you this crap as a "viable alternative". I am sorry, I am by no means a Christian, and to be honest I myself feel that the Christian churches of this world sort of suck, but if you want to speak righteously on the subject of Christianity, you cannot believe in the i-ching and the power of Tibetan Singing Bowls. New rule!