I have noticed the most amazing thing. I actually noticed it a long time ago and it seems to be the same no matter where I go. There are usually more males than females and the males drool all over and pay lip service to the females all day long simply because, well, they are female.

If you are male, most men seem to have no interest in you what-so-ever. They have made up their mind about you and already decided to ignore you before you have even opened your mouth to speak.

If you are female you get the benefit of the doubt and lots of positive attention and, dare I say ass-kissing; in hopes of what I still have yet to discover. Net sex? Flirting? hopes that they will fly out to you and fuck your brains out? what? To this day it boggles me.

Men and women on-line are the same as far as I am concerned. Often men are too busy trying to suck up to girls and girls are often too busy trying to get men to suck up to them to be very interesting, but other than that they have equal potential to be interesting or uninteresting in my eyes. I have counted the people that I consider my friends on here and to be quite honest, the male/female ratio is quite equal. I have counted my nodes about females and my nodes about males on here, and they are exactly equal.

None of this makes me any better than you, and in fact I am sure you have noticed this same phenomenon as well. You go to a new site; you are a guy. You don't know anyone and no one will even acknowledge your existence because they are too busy playing the respective rolls of sucker and suckee; but if you happen to have a female nick name, well then, you get all but dragged into the conversation kicking and screaming.

As much as I love courting and am facinated with sex, I often times think that even people who think its sinful or bad and don't have it, let it run them because of it. It has a time and place.