Here is a fun "stand in the other mans shoes" game for, well just about anyone. Christians may gain some insight into the heads of the infidelic masses and the infidels, well to them it will just be something fun to do for some laughs.

Every time you see or hear the word "Jesus", simply replace it with "Lord of Eternal Darkness" and then speak the sentence/phrase you heard/saw it in aloud to yourself. Now, we all know that Jesus is not supposed to represent ultimate evil, yet just to get the jist of how the other side feels about hearing about Jesus all of the time; play along.

Now, the object of the game is to see how long you can do this before you go completely apeshit.

The Lord of Eternal Darkness loves you!
The Lord of Eternal Darkness is your Lord and Savior.
Let the Lord of Eternal Darkness into your heart.

Sounds "wacky"; eh? Gets annoying after a while; eh? Now just do that for 23 years and then we can see eye to eye on the matter.