Them: So what do you do at work all day if you don't work?
Me: I go on... "everything".
Them: Care to be a bit more vague?
Me: No, I mean the place called "everything2", on the internet, everything2.com.
Them: And you spend all day on this "everything" place?
Me: Uh, yeah.
Them: And what exactly do you do on this "everything" web site?
Me: Uh, well, hmmm... I write stuff... well node- err, well like editorials. But then sometimes they are more like rants and sometimes more like... uh, well remember copying definitions out of the dictionary during detention? Sort of like that... uhm..
Them: And you get paid, how much, to go there?
Me: Well, what I make at work, but they don't pay me to write things there, technically; the site, I mean. Just my work work, pays me to work, not node- err write, stuff, online. Yeah.
Them: Let me get this straight, you spend-what?
Me: Ten hours a day...
Them: Ten hours a day...
Me: "Noding"
Them: Noding? You mean writing things, for a web site, for free for ten fucking hours a day?
Me: Err... that's about the size of it, yeah.
Them: And who reads these writings?
Me: Well, uhm, me, and uhm, people that go to the site. The other "noders", as it were...
Them: You mean the other whack-o's that do this all day too for no readily apparent reason?
Me: Yup.
Them: You are a real wing-nut; you know that?
Me: Yup.