Listen to me, gentle noder, and I shall tell ye a tale about the HORROR that was The Portland Oregon Everything Tea!

Ok, so it was pretty fun, actually. I showed up late to the Tao of Tea but was spotted instantly (my sparkling personality must really shine through.) Most of my fellow noders had already arrived including ideath, Brain, patientfox, Dialogue, flamingweasel, pukesick and of course our gracious host, LordOmar.

We chatted it up and all got along famously. I had only been there five minutes when the guy working the counter asked me to stop cussing so loudly. Oh well, some people just can't deal with a group that is as hardcore as we were.

I don't mind saying that the place was a tad froofy. LordOmar picked a nice, quiet, neutral spot, but there were no candy asses in this boat! We jabbered, laughed and talked shit about everyone that wasn't present at the moment. Soon after, dragoon showed up and pukesick left (not necessarily in that order.) We soon gave up on icicle and Eco, figuring that they wussed out. We were only half-right. As we were leaving to go hit Hawthorn for some eats, icicle walked right through the middle of our group as we milled about indecisively on the sidewalk. She looked like she was about ready to yak up breakfast or break into a sprint, so I, being the natural leader that I like to think I am, called out to her before she could escape.

She looked only very slightly like a caged animal, but soon calmed down and we all began our trek to "Hippie Boulevard" and ended up at the Oasis Cafe, a small, trendy, gourmet pizza joint that was crawling with yuppies. We stole a bunch of tables and ordered three large pizzas. We then proceeded to loudly talk shit about everyone that we had left out during our discussion at the tea place earlier.

Everyone was twice as cool as I had hoped and we had a lot of fun. We all seemed to agree (more or less) on all of our topics of discussion except about whether dannye, upon walking in to Powell's Book Store would: implode, explode, burst in to flames or interact with the environment in a sort of matter/anti-matter type scenario. Liberal/conservative simply canceling each other out and quietly ceasing to exist on this plane.

The world may never know!

Anyhow, after that, we all walked outside and talked for a bit before we split up, half of us (LordOmar, dragoon, brain) went home, the other half came to my work place and are having a little noding party on the computers (except icicle, who bailed). If anything else interesting happens, I will tag it on here. All in all, it was much more fun than I expected and no one got hurt (yet)!