Recently Oregon passed legislation that allows adoptees to see their pre adoption birth certificates. Well, I got mine. :P

At any rate, I am interested in knowing about any siblings I might have among other things, the problem is that my biological mother was rumored to have come here from New York to have me in secret. Bizarre eh?

I have been unsuccessful in tracking her down so far so I want all of you to help me.
Isn't that fun?

I know some of you are PhD's and some of you are Ubernerds from hell. Some of you might work in the motor vehicles division in New York, who knows. Worth a shot right? Her name is:

Mary Patricia McDonald
She would be 48 now and most likely living in Oregon or New York.

So, lets see how many matches that we can come up with. I know that there are 21 Mary McDonald's in the phone book in New York, so that doesn't help much. Oh well, give it a stab if you have "sources". Any help would be much appreciated.