I find it interesting that a lot of people fail to come to terms with their own Religions histories. I want to know what happened to El. I want to know where Baal and Anath went off to. Have you seen Dagon and Ashera around lately? It is frightening to me how incestual Religions are. Did you know that Christianity has(d) a Pantheon? Yup.

We call Yahweh "God" now as he has no more competition. A reasonable analogy to the situation would be to say, suppose Apollo (Yahweh) hijacked all of Zeus's (El) followers and told them all that they were to worship no other god but him. This is what we talk about when we discuss Moses and the covenant. Pretty interesting eh?
Did you know that this lose-knit polytheistic religion that the Levites, Canaanites and later even the Israelites followed included human sacrifice and temples of prostitution? Isaiah was the first to get the ball rolling and start purging the other gods from the temples and smashing their symbols, not because he claimed that they did not exist, but because the Israelites were the chosen people of Yahweh and not only should Israelites only worship their true god, but he felt that the world should as well. Apparently old Izzy was the unwitting founding father of religious cleansing.

So... El - the father of the gods, Baal - Lord of the Sun and Male Fertility, Anath - Goddess of Love and War, Asherah - Goddess of Fertility (whore houses too), and Dagon, God of Vegetation all got ousted by Yahweh. I could never find what Yahweh's "specialty" was. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he was the "Trickster"?