Pronounced "Belau", it is home to the world’s most unmolested reef and ocean wild life, thus the worlds best diving. It has a few WWII relics sunken off its coasts and does not allow commercial fishing within its waters. In Palau the worst crime you can commit is to own a gun, you cannot buy land there unless you are of Palauan descent (in that case the land if given to you for free by your relatives). The most commonly used drug is Betel Nut (which is often chewed by children as well as adults).

Palauans are kind people and yet are not too keen on Americans and hate the Japanese (with rather good cause methinks), they recently (within the last few years) approved a US naval bases construction on the island. This was achieved by simply taking the traditional "majority rules" democratic process and bumping it down vote after vote it so that a 20% yes vote constituted "majority". After about 6 votes it passed (each time the percentage was bumped down, first to 45%, then 45% then 30%, etc...), and the entire thing was run and supervised by none other than the US government. Democracy in action.