Loquita. The darling senorita of the fountain. How did you do that thing that you did with your well trained loins? The loins of steel; how do you get muscle control like that?

It may have been ordained that you, sweet Loquita, would lead the peoples of your land out of bondage here in ol' Mexico, but seriously, have you considered making a career change?

When your father's kitchen staff told me that you could suck the spots off of a leopard, they weren't fucking kidding!

No, no, of course you can stay at my place until you get on your feet. I know a lot of people that are going to want to... talk with you, my little desert flower. I still can't believe I met you through a Love@AOL personal add. God bless the Internet!

Of course you can meet Ricky in America, I have his number in my dayplanner. We go way back. He is one sexy bitch; isn't he?

Oh that? Its just a zipper burn, these jeans are too tight. Don't sweat it.

Yes, so you keep telling me, and I keep telling you: Your father can try to send them after me but not only am I paying off El Capitan, As soon as we cross the border; we are home free.