I was sitting at work, just minding my own business; it was late, I was cleaning up and getting ready to leave. The weird guy with the comb-over that sticks straight up comes up to the counter where I was having a conversation with a friend. I shall make it known that I really don't like Mr. Comb-over. He creeps me out; emitting neuroticism like some sort of fucking alien microwave death-ray out of the nightmares of H.G. Wells.
He prints ALL of his e-mail.
The man is a fan of colon cancer.
Picture the anal retentive toy designer in the movie Sneakers after extensive shock therapy...

anyway; moving right along...

I will make it short. The guy said a bunch of weird shit and was asking my friend at the counter about computers. He is scarred of me since I give him "the gaze of doom" often, and so opted to take his computer questions elsewhere. A wise man.
He was asking about lap-top's and was explaining that he was concerned about monitor performance; yet his spiritual advisor had done some fucking hippie voodoo crystal power animal shit to him and said that he was attuned best to either IBM or Dell.

For those of you whom think and even often claim aloud that I have little self control; you should know that it took everything I had to keep me from flying over the counter like some sort of Navy Seal/Ninja hybrid and breaking his neck with my bare hands.

I mean give me a fucking break. "attttunnnned"? What the fuck does that have to do with anything? It wouldn't have to do with the fact that IBM and Dell are also the two of the top rated pre-built computer manufacturers? I wonder how many people are "attuuuuuned" to Hewlett Packards and Acers (probably not fucking many). Sucks to be them.

"Sorry pal, your spiritual energy dictates that you have to use a really shitty fucking computer".

I simply cannot abide all these dupes; they make me fucking insane.