I was recently promoted to "Network Administrator" (ha) and have since found a whole new world of pain. I face:
  • DNS and Mail requests from people who have no idea what they want or how to ask for it.
  • A router that drops the ENTIRE list of secondary IP subnets from EVERY interface when it reboots.
  • Swipping, Ole!
  • An substantial list of idiots has been appended to the morbidly extensive one that I already have to deal with.
  • I am the proud recipient of all of our Abuse mail.
  • They are making me use a cell phone soon! Argh!
On the other hand, I am now "the man". I can do whatever I want, whenever I want; however I want. I am the boxen wrangler, I am the mystical mastermind of the magic smoke; I am the SUPREME OVERLORD OF THE ENTIRE NETWORK!

I have absolutely no fucking idea what the hell I am doing!

You gotta love the tech industry.

Anyhow, today I caught a customer stealing IP's; I shut off his interface. I busted some lady trying to steal a buck-fifty and called her on it, loudly, in front of everyone. I got a call from a very loud, very abusive customer today who kept bitching bout his service being slow and couldn't seem to stop being a dick-nose. I noticed while looking him up in the customer database that he was two days late on his payment. Well, I solved his proble; his service is no longer slow. It's OFF.

Yes, I reigned terror upon many unsuspecting fuckheads all day long. I think I could get used to this.

Over-all Total Evil Rating: 8