Yet another chatterbox abomination has been swiped from the aether and molded into a substantial flesh-and-blood node. Yay for motivation.

As a massive congealed clump of cultural and social diversity stuck unpleasantly to the brow of humanity, we here at Everything2 collectively agree on absolutely nothing. With this in mind, how can we be expected to celebrate together (as clumps of congealed cultural and social diversity are wont to do from time to time) in a non-violent maner with only widely discriminating religious and governmental holidays designated for such activities?

We here at e2 are the difinitive anti-culture; we are a muddled, yet cutting edge quagmire, an elite mess -- and we LIKE it that way. We need our own damn holidays.

So I propose that we each come up with our own holidays celebrating our noding achievements. If you do not feel that you have yet settled in and achieved anything here at e2, simply enjoy the other holidays set out before you and wait until you are ready to claim your holiday.

    Holiday Ingredients
  • Date: You must claim a date for your holiday; holidays can share dates. Your birthday or the day you began noding would make a excellent choices in my opinion.
  • Name: You must come up with a name for your holiday. Simply "(Your Handle Here) Day" is perfectly acceptable.
  • Festivities and Traditional Happenings: You must lay out all of the things that are to happen on your day including attire, food consumption, murder sprees, etc... I will leave this completely up to you.
That said and done, I shall kick off this spree of delusionary self glorification by creating my own day:

moJoe Day, a Lesson in Debauchery, Sarcasm and Confrontation

Might I also be the first to suggest that dem bones, nate or some other pillar of e2 create and populate:

Everything2 Day