This is when you use the computer so much that certain aspects of it become boring or old hat.

I currently have IRC Burnout, MUD Burnout, Sluggy Burnout, ICQ Burnout, Gaming Burnout and pretty much every sort of computer related burnout besides e2 Burnout and WinAmp Burnout(may not be possible).

Other kinds of Burnout include USENET Burnout(General), Surfing Burnout, WebChat Burnout(general), Palace Burnout, e-mail Burnout and the dreaded Total and complete Computer Burnout, in which everything that has to do with your computer besides playing music occasionally becomes a chore or completely boring.

The only cure for Burnout is to stop doing the activity until the idea of it becomes appealing again. For me this takes about 6 months to a year. I have had IRC burnout most frequently (3 times), So far I have not had e2 Burnout.