When I eat there I just get the Old Mac (Maccaroni in cream sauce) for 4 bucks and the coffee is so strong and delicious that you can literally pour a dollop of cream in there and it stays black.

    Some other interesting things about the Montage are:
  • it started out as a gormet restaurant that was only frequented by punks and goth kiddies. It suddenly became this bizzare cross culture experience.
  • They scream "ONNNEEEEE OYSTAAAAAAR!" when you order an oyster shooter.
  • When you order a Raineer (because it is the only beer they serve there even though they have a full bar of hard booze and about 3 billion different types of wine) they flick the cap accross the room.
  • They serve the wine in water glasses.
  • The head cook has a mohawk.
  • Most of the waiters have weird hair, tattoo's and all other manner of personal customization which you would expect at your average 4 star restaurant. :P
  • Even through all of that they have white linen table cloths, excellent food and snazzy music.
If you are ever in Portland it comes with the HIGHEST recomendations.