Rape is not a game.

I have gone as far as defending Andrea Dworkin from some unfounded accusations, this bit here is plainly insulting. This is not "boys versus girls" and the more it is made as such the less likely that the greater part of the male population of this world will be inclined to help.

I do not run around spouting slanderous trash about how women are "potential whores" or "potential baby killers" nor would I expect that other people would, in the manner of any garden variety sexist, treat me in such a manner. This issue is the people versus the criminal and the upright versus the sexist. Andrea Dworkin would have done well to realize who she is fighting and who allies with her cause, but frequently crossing the line between righteous anger and paranoid, sensationalistic, chauvinistic, sexist slander makes her quite difficult to take seriously.

It should go without saying that this is commentary on the quotation, not a pot-shot at Girlface.