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None. I have no life.
You suck monkey butt!
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I miss you, damn you for being so damn amazing (idea)
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Nineteen year old female, 5'4, Blue eyes, blond hair... Likes kittens, baloons, and furry pink bunnies... YEAH, Right... well... most of that is true... except the last part... Seriously though, I like music, and writting poetry. And helpinf people with their problems, and in todays world, there are lots of 'em.

And hun, if you're reading this i like you too... even though you smell funny. And i'm sorry that you're slow and most of our conversation in the wee hours of this morning were based around what my user name is... It's ok that you didn't figure it out after I Gave you all but two letters, and many many hints. It's ok. I still love you.

For everyone else, Peace-out, Mnkyluvr_69
Love your life and don't let people dictate who you will be. Conform, and be dull.