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Dear Sir
I try to gett to you from long time ago to have your help in supported me and make money , and to give you full idea about me i can send to you me CV and some connection persons to ask .
i have very good relation in jordan
Me beirth day jully 14 1964 , i have bachalor degree in economic year 1986 , in this year i work with jordan police ( public security directorate ) in department of planning and organization , me work is the manager of procurement and purchasing , and at last 2 year of work i become general consultant for them . I retired at rank colonal at year 2007 . in year 2007 i work with very sensitive group companies ( communication systems and solutions , security systems , water systems , and indestrial systems ) i still with them as contract , tendering and marketing consultant . all information and data and every things come to me hands becouse of the nature of work and becouse of me relation with security sectors, army , and ministry .
i am mirred and have 2 doughter in univercities and 2 sons at high schools , so i look for many things ......etc .
me e-mail :
I wait your appreciated reply .
Best Regards