Carrier Landing is the name given to an activity generally enjoyed by drunk pilots in officer's clubs (although I'm sure anybody could be convinced to do it if drunk enough.) Basically what happens, is a group of pilots, after a few hours of drinking at a party, or a few hours of drinking with some friends while being bored, will spread ice cubes over a rectangular table. One drunken pilot will stand in front of the table and to the side, "signaling" the pilots to come in for a "landing". Two other people (also usually drunk) will stand at either side of the table holding a towel between them. The first pilot signals the first man in line(who is definitely not sober), who will take a running start and then leap head first (superman-like) onto the table where the ice will cause him to shoot forward. As he nears the edge of the table the two men with the towel are supposed to lower it and pull it taught (although odds are good they will not) as the sliding man bends his legs up at a 90 degree angle so that his calves or feet will catch the towel and hopefully stop him. (The name carrier landing is derived from the fact that when aircraft land on an an aircraft carrier they must "catch" a wire with a hook behind the plane that pulls them to a stop, or else they must shoot off the carrier deck and try landing again.)

Oftentimes the towel people will forget(or choose not) to lower the towel, or the slider will forget to raise his feet, and he will fly off the edge of the table and crumple on the floor, only to pop up with laughter and do it again. Sometimes the next person in line goes to soon and crashes into the person stopped on the "carrier," possibly sending them both off of the edge. This is one event that is hilarious to watch (drunk or sober), and would probably be pretty fun if you were drunk (but you would hurt like hell the next day). My suggestion? Go somewhere you know there will be drinking (a school/college party perhaps) and bring out the idea. Your friends will probably love it, and you will get some harmless laughter at your friends' expense. For more fun, bring a video camera so you can always remember the fun you had (or blackmail them to not show it to parents/girlfriends etc.)