The following instructions show you how to make a matchbox bomb:


The matchbox bomb really shouldn't be in the bomb category, but since it's made to explode, you could consider it a bomb.


  • Some kind of plastic sticky tape, electrical tape is great, do not use paper based masking tape
  • One full box of matches (50 is a standard size)
  • A good arm or a tennis racket


  1. Remove the slide cover from the box of matches
  2. Cut of one brownish "scratching" side of the match box and trim it to fit the inside of the shorter side of the matchbox
  3. Insert the scratching piece you just cut out between the match heads and the box, ensure a snug fit
  4. Slide the cover back over the box (one side of the cover should be missing of course, you used it in step 2)
  5. Grasp the matchbox and begin TIGHTLY wrapping the box in tape, do everything and make sure you've done the corners well, they're usually the first to go
  6. Give the box a light shake, you should hear no rattling if you have done it tightly - it doesn't work if it's too loose
  7. Take your newly constructed matchbox bomb outside - near a field (tennis racket) or a wall
  8. Throw the matchbox bomb with all your strength at the wall .. after a second it should explode with a bang - loud enough to make you want to go make another
  9. If you have a racket or a bat of sorts you can go to a field and hit the matchbox bomb into the air, it usually explodes after one second

Good luck!