At first I was looking at a computer screen. More specifically all I could see was the screen, and all I could feel was the mouse. It was giving me instructions on how to play a game.

After a short while I started. I rolled my point of light over other points of light to score points. After I had scored enough points, like the instructions had said, several large red squares appeared in the center of the screen, along with some smaller squares which moved around leaving a wake of similarly sized squares. The instructions had said that I could score many points by rolling over the moving squares and their wake, and that I could score a lot more by rolling over the red squares.

Along with the squares came a word that was spelled "PASS", but I read it as "full" which I thought stood for full emersion (I don't know why). So I rolled over a small square, a large square, and finally over the word. In this level, rolling over the word lets you play a drawing game. I was having trouble at first, and then I realized that holding down a mouse button might help. So I drew for a while, and suddenly I became Doctor Who, and my mouse became a stylus. I was the 5th Doctor, and along with me were Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric. Nyssa and Adric asked for my stylus and to be allowed to go exploring, which they did. I stood there looking at the computer screen, not being able to do anything except explain to Tegan how likely it was for them to get lost, seeing as "one ship the size of a dozen is a lot more complex than a dozen ships the size of one", or something like that.