I was looking at a map of Middle-earth, only it was quite different than what I was used to. The Brandywine river cut the map in two, going a long way south from the Shire and then making a great turn to the east, perpendicular to the absent Anduin.

To the far southeast, Mordor was absent as well. East of where Mordor should have been, there was a place called "South Hobbiton". One of its counties was called "Mechanic". It doesn't make sense, I know.

For some reason I wanted to go there. There was a small ridge a few meters ahead of me, so I started to run to it, expecting to find "South Hobbiton" in letters carved in its side. It had snowed, which was strange for a land so far south, but it wasn't cold. My shoulder hit a pile of snow, which also wasn't cold. It was soft and fluffy. Right below the ridge the snow was flat, so I jumped on the snow expecting to have a great view of the sign, instead I sank into the snow. It seemed like I fell a long distance. I couldn't turn over to see how far I really had fallen, so I got scared and woke up.