I was on an island talking to someone, I think it was a girl, about what? I can't remember. The island we were on was within a hundred yards of a larger island with a house on it. The islands were so close that boating between them was very easy and very safe.

Just then we heard a boat coming toward us trying to cross the gap, and I also noticed a raging storm going on, but for some reason I hadn't noticed it before. Somehow I knew the boat was occupied by Steve Urkel and others like him. I was commenting to the girl how, even in the storm, they could make it here safely. Then we heard "My glasses!" in a voice that sounded a lot like Milhouse from The Simpsons. So we decided to help them back to the other island, and into the sunroom of the house which was full of sleeping bags and soda cans. It was here that I got a good look at myself, I looked like what, in my dream, I thought was an ancient Israeli king. I wanted to slip out quietly, when I woke up. Talk about an exit!