Lately I've been feeling like a renaissance man. Last week I threw a football around with my father, while listening to a supreme court hearing. Saturday my brother came over and helped my father and me lay some conduit for the new electric cable to our house (electricity is magic). Yesterday my father and I continued to lay the conduit, while I solved a problem I was working on concerning probability.

Big fun

Today we (think we) finished laying the conduit. It was really cold, so cold that by the end I was acting kinda goofy: I was singing a song that I can't remember now, and was starting to sound a little conservative (horrors!).

Bigger fun

Today we also got my PSAT results back. In the PSATs there's five sections: two maths, two verbals, and one writing. On the math and verbal sections I did very well, as I expected. I was scared about the writing section, and it turned out that I didn't do nearly as well in it than in the others, even though I still scored in a high percentile.