(Lights go off on the OMP while they rise on the mainstage. ROSE and GEORGE are doing everything they can to be adorable with each other. GEORGE hands ROSE a flower from the grass. She aaws.)

ROSE: (Rambling.) This is just like those flowers you got me for Valentine’s Day last year. Remember those? I put them in a vase on my kitchen counter and they managed to live for a month. A full month. I smiled every time I saw them. Those flowers made my day, every day for a full month. Do you remember them?

GEORGE: (Slight pause.) Nope.

ROSE:  Well... I do! I’m going to put this in exactly the same spot as I did the ones from Valentine’s Day. In the same vase and everything. Maybe it’ll live as long.

GEORGE: Maybe it will.

ROSE: That was almost a year ago. Wow. (Pause.) Hey, George?


ROSE: Do you remember what else happened almost a year ago?

GEORGE: How much trouble will I be in if I say no? (ROSE shoots him a glare.) Y-yes?

ROSE: Well?

GEORGE: (Slowly.) Our anni-ver-sa-ry?

ROSE: Yes! (GEORGE flashes his “oh-thank-god” face.) Are we going to do something?

GEORGE: Well, of course we’re going to do something.

ROSE: Oh, that’s so sweet. What did you have in mind?

GEORGE: (Pause.) I got us seats at a funeral nearby.

ROSE: (Horrified.) What? That… that’s…

GEORGE: Not really, but before you comment on anything I come up with, remember what the alternative is.

ROSE: Anything you come up with?

GEORGE: (Beat. He’s been caught.) That I came up with?

ROSE: You didn’t even think of it, did you. We've been dating for a year now and you forgot all about it.

GEORGE: How much trouble will I be in if I say yes? (ROSE glares again.) Alright, how’s this sound: I’ll put together a big plan for a special night. The afternoon before our anniversary, we’ll go out for coffee and I’ll tell you everything. That way you have veto power and I can’t screw it up as badly as I would otherwise.

ROSE: That sounds... fine. I’ll see you at Kopi this Friday, then?


(ROSE exits. GEORGE waits then does a big, overly dramatic sigh and slouches on the bench while lights go to blackout.)

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