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mission drive within everything
searching for signs of intelligent life
(alternative takes on) religion and spirituality; radical sexuality and queer studies; food and cooking both as pleasureable escape and window into culture; a select few rock artists (Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally)
"Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the duckies is ..."
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I have just turned 49. I am some flavor of writer, having published fiction and essays in various (admittedly obscure) zines and anthologies. I actually have made, and continue to make, my living by writing--technical writing, but writing nonetheless. I have also pursued various other vocations, including but not limited to: dishwasher, parish minister, band road manager, office drone, and queer social activist. I am a product of the greater New York Metro area and the grand-daughter of Eastern European Jews with Yiddish Socialist leanings, alas all long dead, though their memory and example still live for me. I have since resided in Boston (where I attended a couple of fancy-schmancy universities) and Seattle, and now find myself in San Diego. Other interests include gourmet cooking, comparative religion, obscure rock musicians, funky urban alternative culture (queer or otherwise), and spoken word performance.