Update! You think your gathering is so cool, but ours has a theme song.

The date: April 13, 2002
The place: off 580 in the Oakland hills...

Update: the party's moved from Friday to the industry standard past. Hope this doesn't bother you - mgmt.

I tried telling them, man, we're Californians, we don't
do it like that. But, by popular demand: AGENDA

House is open, although there is nobody in it because we are still trying to find musical instruments.
Three Packages of Beef at Albertsons. Also some cheese and vegetables.
Possible trip to Fruitvale BART to walk around and fail to find Templeton until a stranger intervenes. It is possible that this cannot be confirmed.

Someone gets Roninspoon from SFO.
misuba has to work. Can you fucking believe that?
Someone gets fuzzy_and_blue and Jonglueuueaur from OAK.
Grilling of turkey begins in earnest, as does, presumably, drinking of beer.
Turkey available.
Musical set by The Punch Thyself.
Burning of automaus.

Breakfast as people awaken. I mean, hopefully they'll awaken before we have to drive there, if they're driving, or at least they don't fall asleep while we're waiting for someone to take our damned order or from lack of oxygen.
We'll probably see who wants to go on what kind of day trip thing and go there. I DON'T LEARN AND EXPLORE WITH ALL AGES.

For the past two years in early April, I've held variations on a party I first had back in college. It is called a Destroy-Yourself-An-Effigy Party. That's "An," not "In." Very important distinction.

Guests are asked to bring an effigy that's safe to destroy in a small backyard fire pit. It may be an effigy of a person, place, thing, or abstract concept. It can even be an effigy of something you like. We're easy. You are also asked to reveal what you have effigized and why. Speeches are fun, but you are under no obligation to make a big production of it.

For these past two years, the party (happening, as it has, on or around my birthday) has also featured food, cake and a brief basement musical event. But this year marks the big if-you-do-it-three-times-it's-tradition threshold, so I felt the need to bring in an unknown, chaotic X factor.

That would be you. And alcohol. Yeah. You and your alcohol.

Now, I know what you're thinking: dammit, Ouroboros got the baby Jesus, so he's supposed to have the next party. Well, the Wurm will be on the scene in force and no doubt has a couple of his own tricks up his sleeve.

Cleverly hidden in the old part of the writeup are the evening's top 5 nodeshells. Templeton: "I can't tell if that feels good or not, because it hurts." Jongleur: "Fuck you! Peace, love and kumbaya!" Conform: "Go to work hung over, or don't go to work AT ALL." Me: "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only my mother." Accepting submissions for number 5.

The usual drill applies. /msg me or ouro if you're interested in attending. There will be some crash space if you bring sleeping bags and stuff. We can get people here from Oakland International if you call ahead and stuff. If you fly into SFO, someone like conform might be able to help you, although I don't want to explicitly volunteer him just yet; we'll see who pipes up here.

There will be a lot of non-noders present as well. Be not afraid. There will also be several non-drinkers; there are ways to enjoy the party besides drinking alcohol, we'll see to that. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Bulletin! See, I told you. m_turner says he can help bring folks from SFO or the San Jose airport.

But wait, there's more! Why should you drag your ass to the overpriced Bay Area for a perfectly good weekend afternoon? conform has helpfully pointed out that some of the best sushi in the damned country is right here. We will partake, possibly at 2 AM. Possibilities for Saturday events include the Exploratorium, which is the closest thing we have to a Museum of Jurassic Technology except it isn't very close at all; possibly an evening show at the Audium if it's still there; entertainment options in Oakland include Fenton's Creamery (addendum oh crap, they had a fire. Maybe things will be better by the appointed time) and touring the hills for post-fire wacky architecture. /msg with more options, please.

Who was there:

(marked for destruction): National Drunk Noding Awareness Month marches on. Aftermath unknown.