How to get more donations for Everything: put the PayPal donation button up on the header of every page, rather than behind a little link down in the Vitals sidebar.

There's room right there next to the ad banner. You could also insert a text blurb underneath it that reads "Money raised this month:" and then the figure. Without shrinking the text, even. Maybe a monthly goal and a progress bar could be hacked up (this is achieving nice things at the Penny Arcade web comic).

This is pretty basic stuff once you read a little about web usability: put the means by which people can give you money up where they can see it. Maybe the fear is that users would think it crass, but I think most of the regulars here are like SEF (and, for that matter, me) in that they would just like a better understanding of the problem and an easier way to help solve it. The Donation Box link may seem like a trivial barrier to entry, but see if donations don't go up when you knock it down. Users of web applications are like that.

Of course, as far as usability goes, micropayments are what the world really needs. But whatever.