Imagine this. Your wife/girlfriend is pregnant. Then the moment everyone's been waiting for arrives. It can come in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Her water breaks, you have a moment of panic and everything becomes a blur. You want nothing more than to stop this from happening, but its going to happen anyway.

Soon after a child is into the world, and a lifetime of worrying begins. Parenting, regardless of what you may have heard, is worrying. You wonder if your child is eating right, eating enough, sleeping enough, doing all the things normal kids do. Then, if you're lucky, you might get a few hours sleep, but don't count on it. Early fatherhood, the first few months being at home with your new baby, is a frantic, painful, long, endurance race that has no checkered flag or beautiful girl waiting at the end for you. Only responsibility and more so by the day. Things always get harder and never easier as a result of fatherhood. Life becomes simple in the way that is never explained. Simply put, everything has to be cleared in regards to the new being that spawned from you. These facts are accepted as law as soon as the child takes its first breath. You learn that sleep is relative and that no matter what you do, you never get enough. Ah, fatherhood. It's a joyous time for all. And did I get to mention postpartum depression?