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A Laying God (thing)
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I lay beside you as if you were my god.
And as a god I am your prophet, delivering all you wanting thoughts to these earthen ears.
Head and chest generously collide as one.
Heaving heavy beats of your vigorous heart.
Pounding as though it were trying to escape your wall of bone-flesh.

I've kissed the cold cheek of this hallowed light.
Intoxicated by its meaty rays,
Its desperate yawns of an out-stretched glow.
Billowing out of me like a smoke pipe burning with sin.

I harvest our year for our tumultuous hearts,
Yet I worry you'll grow restive within.
I nestle the needs
(of my womanly urge),
Of your timid eyes, searching for that voice.
Our sodden violins resonating in tone.

Peering through these sentinels of my double-paned windows,
These bones distress while my heart reverbs its winded sound.
I once found the leaves of my withered tree swimming in your eyes.
Dried up.
Finished throughout.
And still this god is eyes his.
Licking lips of a dormant mouth,
Spreading hands ore' a scrupled side,
Receiving his tongues through my desert winds.

Where shall this lead us?
Down the windy mountain top of lost and sacred trees,
Haunting the nights fear, this sinister decor.
Wind-blown clouds folding the stars
Heavens opening to this contradictory world.
Fearing to save, loving to die.
One by one our daisies melt into sky.