I don't usually write daylogs, but I saw two extremely strange happenings, things that must not slip down the memory hole.

Falling asleep in class after an accidental all-night Everything2 session. I repeatedly fall asleep in the middle of typing my notes; my suddenly heavy fingers fill the screen with repeated D's and O's. I dream of Everything2 during my each and every one of my brief naps. I am fucking addicted.

Since the weather was unseasonably warm (over 12 Celsius), I decided I'd head out to the Botanical Gardens after classes. The Oriental gardens were marvelous as always, even without the recently-removed Chinese lanterns. On the ride home, I encountered a rather... odd individual. His Eraserhead hairstyle and wild stare should have clued me in to the general wrongitude, but then he starting eating COLD GREASY FRENCH FRIES off of the FLOOR of the SUBWAY CAR! Eyuk. If that's not enough madness for ya, he noticed my inquisitive glances and offered me some of his delicious meal, no doubt with the best of intentions. At this point I had to get off the train to avoid bursting into tears of laughter at his antics.

I find myself at the Place-des-Arts Metro stop, one short of that at which I had intended to disembark. I notice a commotion in front of The Bay department store. Curious. What's going on? Loud trance music, three dancers, and someone in a large brown plush costume; I think it's supposed to be a bear. He seems to have rolls of toilet paper on his ears, and there are Japanese and American tourists flocking around him, cameras clicking away. Performance art? A protest? No, apparently this is an advertisement for Charmin toilet paper. I suddenly feel very sorry for whoever's in that suit; bad enough to caper around in a ridiculous plush costume, but to do it as a toilet paper advertisement seems to be the height of indignity.

So that's three things, if you count dreaming about E2. Who here hasn't done that at some time, though?