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We are [EDB|the Borg]

A few weeks past, I purchased a number of [roninspoon|Mr Spoon]'s marvelous E2 stickers, available [buy stuff, e2 gets money|here]. I've been sticking them up all over the place; my front door, on [mcgill university|campus], on the back of my laptop. I did all this in the hopes of attracting new and intelligent noders to E2 ([Nodevertising]? Perhaps.)

You will be assimilated

Today, I noticed a new user named [ICO] addressing [mirv|me] in the catbox. Curious, I hopped over to his homenode.


specialties: music, documentary film

You know, this sounds awfully familiar...

school/company: DJ, filmmaker, slacker

These qualities describe my brother to a T. Curiouser and curiouser. I open up his User Search:

[Mutek] (thing). A node about the [Montreal] [electronic music] scene.

[Matthew Herbert] (person). Another node about [electronic music] and [Montreal].

The writing style looks veeeery familiar. I'm convinced. I fire off a couple of messages to [ICO], inquiring whether he is my older brother. At the same time, I pick up the phone and dial his number.


Hey, is that you logged into [Everything2]?


How did you find out about it?

You know that [buy stuff, E2 gets money|sticker] on your laptop?

Oh, of course. Mystery solved.

We discuss E2 for a bit. I give him the [Everything FAQ|usual] new user [everything university|advice] as I announce to the catbox at large that I've hooked another user on delicious [Node Crack].


You gained 3 experience points!
You gained 10 experience points!
You gained 10 experience points!

I wonder aloud in the catbox whence comes this flood of XP. I check [Golden Trinkets], on the suggestion of [Chris-O], only to find the [3|same number] as before. [Ninjapenguin] suggests the [e2 node tracker|node tracker]. WHOAH! All my node reputations have just jumped by 1, even my [noding for numbers|nodes for numbers]. Back on E2:

[Cool Man Eddie]says Hey, [mirv], [SharQ] just cooled your [How to dance the Viennese Waltz writeup], baby!
[Cool Man Eddie] says Hey, [mirv], [SharQ] just cooled your [Boxing gloves] writeup, baby!

Well, there's another mystery solved. Thanks for all the upvotes, [SharQ].

The [chatterbox|crowd] goes wild! [The cheerleaders come out for smooches!] I am one happy noder.

So, everybody, please welcome new user [ICO] to the fold. Watch for many nodes on electronic music, filmmaking, and, he says, [how to build a wall].Update: He seems to be quite a good noder, too, with 10 writeups (5 of them C!ed) and 47 XP.

1 down, 6 to go[family members|!]

Oh yeah, I also wrote a piece on why [using Everything for homework research] is a bad idea, which got cooled by [Jet-Poop] and [pseudo_intellectual|P_I] in what may or may not be a related incident. Thanks, folks.

Oh, and everybody wish a big [who to send presents to, and when.|Happy Birthday] to [dannye] and [arkaem].