We are the Borg

A few weeks past, I purchased a number of Mr Spoon's marvelous E2 stickers, available here. I've been sticking them up all over the place; my front door, on campus, on the back of my laptop. I did all this in the hopes of attracting new and intelligent noders to E2 (Nodevertising? Perhaps.)

Resistance is futile

Last week, I was visiting my brother down in the Old City, for purposes of partying and writing final papers. I brought my laptop (E2 sticker prominently displayed) for the latter purpose. Nothing was said about it at the time.

You will be assimilated

Today, I noticed a new user named ICO addressing me in the catbox. Curious, I hopped over to his homenode.


specialties: music, documentary film

You know, this sounds awfully familiar...

school/company: DJ, filmmaker, slacker

These qualities describe my brother to a T. Curiouser and curiouser. I open up his User Search:

Mutek (thing). A node about the Montreal electronic music scene.

Matthew Herbert (person). Another node about electronic music and Montreal.

The writing style looks veeeery familiar. I'm convinced. I fire off a couple of messages to ICO, inquiring whether he is my older brother. At the same time, I pick up the phone and dial his number.


Hey, is that you logged into Everything2?


How did you find out about it?

You know that sticker on your laptop?

Oh, of course. Mystery solved.

We discuss E2 for a bit. I give him the usual new user advice as I announce to the catbox at large that I've hooked another user on delicious Node Crack.


You gained 3 experience points!
You gained 10 experience points!
You gained 10 experience points!

I wonder aloud in the catbox whence comes this flood of XP. I check Golden Trinkets, on the suggestion of Chris-O, only to find the same number as before. Ninjapenguin suggests the node tracker. WHOAH! All my node reputations have just jumped by 1, even my nodes for numbers. Back on E2:

Cool Man Eddiesays Hey, mirv, SharQ just cooled your How to dance the Viennese Waltz writeup, baby!
Cool Man Eddie says Hey, mirv, SharQ just cooled your Boxing gloves writeup, baby!

Well, there's another mystery solved. Thanks for all the upvotes, SharQ.

The crowd goes wild! The cheerleaders come out for smooches! I am one happy noder.

So, everybody, please welcome new user ICO to the fold. Watch for many nodes on electronic music, filmmaking, and, he says, how to build a wall.Update: He seems to be quite a good noder, too, with 10 writeups (5 of them C!ed) and 47 XP.

1 down, 6 to go!

Oh yeah, I also wrote a piece on why using Everything for homework research is a bad idea, which got cooled by Jet-Poop and P_I in what may or may not be a related incident. Thanks, folks.

Oh, and everybody wish a big Happy Birthday to dannye and arkaem.