It was you there in my dream last night when violent storms drew near
Your presence with them startled me; I never knew such fear
I heard a putrid piercing scream, it shook my very core
The heavy whispers all around did captivate me more
The room grew hot with fever but the air in cooling chill
The fear of all uncertainty did fade in beckoned will

The church bells in the distance did then begin to chime
One, two, three o’clock
I began to count the time
Four, five, six o’clock

It echoed all around
Seven, eight and nine o’clock
That dreaded deafening sound
Ten eleven twelve o’clock
The midnight hour cold
But to my horror heard it - Thirteen times did it toll!

The silence then was silenced by a cackle in the dark
The hour seemed to linger; an eternity did pass
And suddenly it whispered - my senses came alive
That voice; its stirring murmurs sent shivers down my spine

“A lonely path I paved once; a walk in timeless air
I made my choices long ago and now doth linger there
I lie beyond your consciousness; I’m neither there nor here
You would not know me even now: I am who they call fear
I breathe the wretched and the damned; the living cannot see
And only in the thirteenth hour can ever I walk free
But soon my time will be none and I will be no more
The devil now has other plans for my soul to explore

When I was just a little boy who too had haunted sleep
Of restless dreams of solitude and voices that did speak
And finally the night fell - I took that voices hand, he lead me out of sadness in that happy home I had
The childhood I had stolen by the world before my time
I soon regained that little boy, the playground now was mine

I lived inside my shadow, and watched the living grow
The hated, scornful world I left
I did not miss it so
But as I watched my heart broke, and soon began to see
The wicked poison virtue of the beaten
- Just like me

I saw the reason voices did take me long ago
They call me El un denominado Condenado
So now my time has brought me here to choose who will replace
The solitude of shadow – a name without a face
I met my destiny in you, as that voice met in me
We are two alike my dear, Take my hand and see

The world is full of mutiny; I too did learn through tears
Our innocence forsaken by those wicked in their years
Life is an illusion of what we wish to be
So leave delusions, take my hand, make haste and follow me”

I reached into the darkness to the light he held so close
And in his hands I found that little girl I missed the most
I dance among the stars within the shadows that you see, and in the night I beckon all the damned ones
- Just like me