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I got a headache trying to think of something to write for my biography. No first line makes any sense to me. So, I guess I'm having a hard time telling you strangers about my past. I'll start with the present then! I live in Southern California. I don't think it's for me. Take one look at me and if you're like anybody else, you'll think I'm someone completely different.

I'm half latina (dad) and half caucasian (mom). I guess I should add that I'm bilingual, not that it matters here. Both of my parents have passed away at different times in my eighteen years. I never got to know my mother, but I miss my father greatly and his death really affected me.

Now I live with my boyfriend, and my Sphynx (hairless cat) Larry. I guess you could say that I've moved on from the past, and I'm soldiering on regardless of it. You just have to do your every day things, and everything will fall into place. (I hope!)