A great truck stop in Sparks/Reno, Nevada. It's also a casino, well at least it has video poker machines and slot machines, but then everything in Nevada has slot machines.

If you are going to Burning Man and drive through Reno, you should stop here and eat a lot of diner quality food. You should also buy one of these cool lighters, like I'm holding in my hand right now, which are shaped like bigrigs (aka eighteen-wheelers like a trucker drives in a convoy). On the lighter it is written the motto "Your Total Travel Center". So anyone looking for your center, this might be the place to be. There is no contact information however, and I don't know the particulars, so I'm not going to tell you.

(as an aside, I think that Sparks/Reno must have the same relation as Champaign/Urbana, huh?