When I last noded on the Everything Day Logs it was July 5, 2000, so I just want to follow up on some of the major issues left undone, for the benefit of my millions of fans:

Work is odd, no, really. The internet company I'm employed by is going more corporate, more cool people are leaving, and I wonder more and more if there's anyone with a brain near the rudder. I'm sad. But I'm staying for the moment. I still have some good work to do. And I like my laptop. And I still have a lot of friends at work that I don't want to leave in the lurch. Oh yeh, and there's also the hope that my stock options being worth something someday. I will quit the place within 6 months, I know that for sure now.

And I'm not sad when I look toward the future. The next couple job hops for me promise to be to companies doing very interesting and even important things for the future of the 'net (or the world or somesuch large body). Node my words, Things are going to start happening to me now!

In Everythingian news, I'm past 50 nodes now! I'm level 2 with a hell of a lot of momentum. I'm noding up obscure musical effluvium faster than you can say pingouin! Recent musical write-ups I've writ include: Pere Ubu, you were wrong when you said everything's going to be alright, and hugo largo. In the write-ups I writ that Everything really really needed, but somehow hadn't been done yet (I think of this as community service as opposed to personal indulgence): VJ, my mr. bungle write-up, and Nighthawks at the Diner. White Shadow, famous "Van" families, and First VJs ever on MTV, those are just my dorky ideas.

Right now, I can't node too good, it's late, talk to you soon, Everything, g'nite.