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Hi my name is Mona!
My friends all call me Miss Mighty Mona.
I got that nickname when i was about 17 yrs old.
little Mighty for the whiskey, and a little Mona for the great S*X!!!
I stand 5'3", 130lbs, long-brownish blonde hair, big green-eyes, no kids,
and never been married. I'm from Indiana (born and raised) ..., and just moved to Michigan
I'm an Aquarius, my birthday is January 21st, 1970, that puts me at 36 yrs old...
I enjoy alot of things like outdoor activities: Camping, Fishing, Boating, Swimming,
Volleyball, Canoeing, ETC...
I especially love my music: Tesla, Krokus, Judias Priest, Stained, Creed, Metallica, ETC…
I'm into the Hair band days of the 80's as well as the new alternative as of today...
I spend alot of time on the computer, when I'm not working. I'm self-employed...
Right now my status: I'm single, I'm looking for (Mr Right or Sugar Daddy)a real romantic (if there’s any left???)
One who likes adventure, music, alot of outdoor activities...
One who loves sandy beaches, Starry skies, love making under the moonlight,
and willing to take care of his woman, (Lovingly,Respectfully,Honestly,Faithfully
(JUST treat me Like a QUEEN,ETC...)