Today, April 20, 2001, was another chapter in my detestment and hatred of filtering systems.

Somewhere along the pipe, some moron felt that deserved to be blocked, so they added it to BESS's not-allowed list. Supposedly things go from unbanned to banned (pending local review, as opposed to n2h2 review), as opposed to banned then unbanned.

Apparently some prick along the line felt that everything2 was offensive to them (and undoubtedly, them alone) and decided that no one should be able to see the site.

In IE, that is. Our little linux box could load the site fine, in Lynx. Didn't try Netscape, but chances are it would have worked.

As of 12:55 PM CST, the site isn't blocked anymore. That's a good thing too, I was in the middle of something when BESS became a bitch and said "Bess can't go there"

To hell with all proponents of filtering and censorship. It is a contradiction of thought, and of liberty, regardless of who practices it.

It's now 4:31 PM, and the filter is long since gone. A total of less than 1 hour. Too damn long, if you ask me.

My theory stems from how our district (Pulaski County Special Schools District, in Arkansas) is set up. It's divided at the source into two routes, filtered and unfiltered. Our school is normally on unfiltered (as a result of much hellraising by my 11th Grade AP English/EAST teacher, and many others).
Apparently they needed to do some work on the unfiltered line, and moved us over to the filtered line, much to my disgust. I'd rather have had none, than had it but censored. Seeing Bess telling me where I can and cannot go is the equivalent to kicking me down, kicking me in the face, and telling me I don't know shit.

Fuck Bess, maybe I'll run the damn bitch over someday.

And fuck you N2H2, and all that you represent.