This is from the same luser of my previous daylog.

"The backslash comes before or after the character you want to escape?".


On other nicer stuff...

Last monday morning Baffo's Miss Nice catched me early in the office, rarelly I get here before she does (I even get after she leaves, she does mornings, I do evenings). She greeted my with a nice and happy smile and a laughing question; "Have you been were since yesterday?!?!?". "No!, yesterday was a sunday!" said I, giving proof that I too can get up early :).

She told me about her's last night dream about a weird takeoff on a paraglider.

Aparently someone lend her his paraglider, and she tough about testing it. Soon after wearing the harness and the other gadgets, a strong wind takes her off ground. She manages to fly the thing, noting how easy is to steer it, and lands thinking "if I did this from the ground, I'm ready to doit from the top of the mountain".

Oh!, a nice dream, I haven't have one of those in years!.