Baffo'll be gone soon. I can already feel the vacuum at the office. I'll miss him. I'm sad for us, very happy for him. Did you read his daylog for today?; "Enough Mexico for Baffo". I don't blame him, Mexico is a country which you can't stop hating even when you love it. Besides is hard to find cool computer jobs in a third world country.

Go for it, Baffo!!!

Baffo, not that you need it really, I know. But... I'm gladdy going to crush any remote regret you may have about leaving the job here;

It's 1:00am, I'm at the office. what am I doing?, guess.

  1. Hint 1; I'm not slacking, I'm working. (for a change :).
  2. Hint 2; I'm working on an office's assignment.
  3. Hint 3; My participation on this stuff was rushed-ly asked just yesterday.
  4. Hint 4; It's due tomorrow.
  5. Hint 5; It's due tomorrow morning at 9:00am.
  6. Hint 6; It's going to be useless.
  7. Hint 7; It's going to be useless.
  8. Hint 8; It's going to be useless.
  9. Hint 9; It's going to be useless.
  10. Hint 10; It's going to be useless.
  11. Hint 11; DAMN!, *It's* *going* *to be* *useless*. I know it's a waste of effort. Every time I punch a key I have to fight myself;

    "Go, go. Miguel. You have to do it, they asked you to save their asses."

    "I can't. I shouldn't. It won't matter tomorrow's evening if I do it or not."

    "But *they asked* you. It's not about doing useful things, it's just about some people's asses welfare."

    "It's a waste. I know. I've done it a couple of times before. Exactly the same. over an over. It was a lousy idea from the beginning."

    "They asked kindly :)"

    "Why the heck did I tell them yes?. I should say 'NO, you are asking for a stupid thing, and I won't do it.'"

    "It's going to be the last time, they promised"

    "They promised the same the last time"

    "No, really. they say is going to be over. Tomorrow at noon. over. truly."

    "uh huh. The next time, they will, again, say 'Miguel, pretty please, just one more time, really. come on. Bend over, honey'. They'll even ask me to bring the KY."

So, Baffo, guess, guess, guess. What I'm doing. Besides missing Hugo. It's... it's... it's...

Project Goosefood !!!!!

Yup, that's right, same as always, you have; SEP's big wheels, local big wheels, stupid design house's big wheels, and a bunch of people affected just by side-effect, a big room, a projection cannon, lots of coffee, lots of stupid talking about the project. All in all, a beautiful mexican democrazy (sic). Useful work done: 0.

Not your usual big and useless project, mind you. This one it's special. It even seems more like a recurrent nightmare. Don't come too close, it may suck the living energy out of your body. It have done it to Miss Nice, it have done it to Baffo. It's going to do it to me, unless I start running fast, soon.

So, Baffo, please. Just go away. Don't worry about me. I'll run too.

Oh!, and if I manage to get your job. Three heads will roll *for sure*. They will be out of here even before you leave for your last day. That day, you'll leave the building, you'll get to the main gate outside the parking lot, and just as you turn right at the street as always, you'll hear; *thud* *thud* *thud* just behind you. Don't bother to look, you know how they are. I'm salivating already. BOOOAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!