Full name of the Studio GONZO anime series more often referred to by its abbreviation Saikano.

Written in Japanese as 最終兵器彼女, the title translates as "She, The Ultimate Weapon". An alternative translation of the title as "Ultimate Weapon Girlfriend" is now known to be incorrect in relation to the intentions of the creators.

The series is notable mostly for being good and having a decent and fully developed plot, as GONZO are notorious for producing eye-candy anime series that start out promising but fail to deliver any real substance. Examples of such failures include Hellsing and Full Metal Panic.

The title of the series was designed to present an unusual word juxtaposition, as well as to be a vague genre-parody. The phrase "saishuu heiki" (ultimate weapon) is (or at least was) commonly used in mecha and sci-fi anime to refer to the most destructive weapon/device.