The Everglide Mouse Pad is a revolutionary mouse pad that utilizes the latest in cutting board technology. Can't find a cutting board? Don't want to get away from the computer while preparing dinner? Since the mousepad is made out of the same stuff cutting boards are, you can chop celery while playing Quake 3*!

The mouse pad's surface texture resembles that of a cutting board; this makes cleanup very easy since there is no cloth to scrub and, unlike the 3M Precision Mousing Surface, it does not trap grit. The pad itself is extremely large, ensuring that the mouse will not run off of the mousepad.

A unique feature of this pad is that it throws conventional mouse pad designs out the window - this pad is shaped somewhat like an artist's palette, providing an indentation for gamers to rest their hands.

This is the ideal pad for ball mice. Our friend friction ensures that no 'sliding' occurs when the mouse is moved. It's hard to explain, but a bit of extra precision is provided when using this pad, making it extraordinarily useful for FPSes, Photoshop, or any other application that requires absolute precision.

It will also never wear out - this mousepad will probably survive WWIII, along with my IBM Model M keyboard

*no guarantee of victory